Instagram style #3 – 6 guys to follow

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Instagram style #3 – 6 guys to follow

It has been a while since I last posted in the series. Must have been shortly after last summer Pitti. Well, here is the next post from the “Instagram style – 6 guys to follow” series. Part 1 and Part 2 are here for you to catch up. In my opinion those kind of posts are not only a selection of stylish men to follow. They also show that all of them have similar characteristics and share certain qualities. Have a look at each of them and then head over to conclusion for my findings.

  1. Andreas Weinas – andreasweinas

Andreas is an icon. He posts very regularly but more importantly his clothes always fit. Whether it is a bespoke suit or a mtm sport coat they always look very good on him. He is an Editor of menswear magazine Manolo and King Magazine. Tall, good-looking and proportionally built represents Swedish menswear in a best way possible. He is also a keen watch enthusiasts, showing his collection on Instagram as often as suits. His style is very classic with focus on the fit and quality. Very often wears monochrome or one-colour outfits proving that style and elegance are not about being fashionable or pea-cocky. Must follow for Andreas!

2. Chad Park – chad_park_

No ‘Instagram style’ series can be complete without some bespoke tailors. Chad runs great B&Tailor bespoke tailoring house in Seul, Korea with his father and brother – which I recommend you follow on Tumblr as well – more quality photos there. His style is not only unbelievably interesting but most importantly elegant and . I love B&Tailor cut, classic yet with Italian flair. Chad definitely sets the trends in bespoke tailoring and is a true inspiration for many others, most likely thanks to his amazing photos from Tumblr and Instagram. He shoots with Leica creating fantastic menswear photos with 3d pop and amazing contrast. He is one of my idols in terms of matching different patterns and colours while maintaining classic look. During their recent Trunk Show in London I ordered a summer suit which I will be reviewing here on the blog too. He actually makes me want to order whatever he is wearing ;).

Thank you @perfettobenedetto , Tie is @shibumiberlin

A photo posted by B&TAILOR/비앤테일러 박창우 Seoul Korea (@chad_park_) on

3. Jamie Ferguson – jkf_man

It is difficult to tell whether the photographer is stylish or not unless you see him in person, hard to tell from his photos right?. Believe me, Jamie is as good looking as outstanding his photos are. I am very lucky and thankful to consider Jamie a friend – he is an amazingly talented menswear photographer, previously working for renewed British brand Drake’s. He is a freelancer now working for magazines and other brands. He has a good eye for colours, often using earth tones and shades of navy. They work well for his pale skin and ginger hair. Maybe that’s the key – know your strengths and limits of appearance and enhance them with the colours that work well for you. There are not too many photos of him on his Instagram but it is a hell of a profile full of stunning photography of some of the worlds stylish men and women.

Outtake from work. Les bleus et moi. Haircut needed.

A photo posted by Jamie Ferguson (@jkf_man) on

4. Arnold Wong – xrxxxx

I don’t know Arnold personally so my description of his style is based only on the photos. He works for The Armoury, famous menswear store located in Honk Kong and New York. Arnold’s style is heavily influenced by Asian and American culture. He likes vintage denim, watches and workwear. Often wears very high waisted, rather wide for todays standards trousers. I would say he looks very comfortable and relaxed in his clothes – as it should be! His photos also makes me want to watch ‘In the Mood for Love’ again – that is a complement ;).

#WBill tobacco. MTM linen double-breasted by #OrazioLuciano #TheArmoury #Retrospecs #xRxxxx

A photo posted by Arnold Wong (@xrxxxx) on

5. Steve Calder – stevecalder

Steve has been featured as one of the most stylish guys on Instagram many times, including GQ. I don’t think I have mentioned him yet so if there are any of you not following him yet, please make yourself a favour and do. He only recently launched his new project – mtm service called Calder Official, I would feel pretty confident if a guy like him would advice me on a new mtm suit. Steve lives in Melbourne, Australia. Casual jackets, unbuttoned shirts, light fabrics, unlined sport coats, scarves and characteristic glasses frames worn in casual, Australian way. I will make another point here. Adjust to your environment. If weather in your country is sunny for most of the year do not force it to wear flannel even if it is your favourite fabric. Steve looks so good partially because he knows how to dress for the occasion and environment he lives in. That’s a skill too. Besides he is handsome as hell so most clothes look good on him.

6. Jake Grantham – cadeandco

Jake is The King of Flannel Suit, well, The King of many suits actually. He almost never leaves his favourite Barbour jacket at home and is a great example of pure style, combining casual items from country looks with tailoring is his great strength. Can be seen wearing almost nothing else but dark grey suits, flannel pinstriped double breasted suits or navy. He basically uses 3-5 colours and is considered to be one of the most stylish out there, how about that! Simplicity, fit, comfort, grace and a bit of flair can best describe him. Colourful scarf or a hat can transform your look from great to greatest. To be honest, when speaking about Jake, the latter is more often true than not.

Day 1 thanks to Vogue

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Maybe it is a coincidence that in this episode those 6 guys and their approach to style and the way they dress is in many ways similar. However, maybe those qualities define “style” and whether we describe someone as “stylish” or not. I am sure that all of them are comfortable and relaxed, clothes fit them well, are classic in design, appropriate for their environment and their occupation/life style. Is there anything else you would add?

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As always, thanks for reading.