Pitti Uomo 87 is coming!

Pitti Uomo 87 is coming!

Yes! It is this time of a year, no, not Christmas. Every one seriously into #menswear has already started preparing looks and thinking about all 3 or 4 outfits that is going to wear during Pitti. I do not have to introduce this event to any of the readers I think but for the sake of complicity I will. pitti uomo 87

In the picture above, you can see core values of Pitti: innovation, research, internationalism, expertise and independence.

Pitti Uomo is one of the worlds, if not the one, main fashion trade fairs being held bi-annualy in Florence. This year it is going to be held 13-16 January 2015 and the AW 2015/16 collections will be shown. Every Pitti has its own special theme and this year is no different. In the last couple of years we have seen motorbikes or rock themes. Pitti Uomo 87 theme, actually called title-theme, is ‘walking’. As you can read on Pitti Immagine official website:

With a set designed by Oliviero Baldini, the Fortezza da Basso will be transformed into a mixed terrain of different experiences and paths among the pavilions explained by guidebooks, maps, apps and other devices. We will draw maps and define stages, we will count our steps and set new records, with new places where we can refresh ourselves before taking on challenges. And we will involve Florence itself with unusual and curious itineraries – and everything, of course, strictly on foot. “

Fortezza da Basso, for  4 days in the middle of January will be a home to world’s best menswear clothing and accessories brands and place where about 30 000 people, more or less associated with buying clothes, will be walking around to meet about 1100 brands during this big event. Old military centre, located conveniently near the main train station, has been the main exhibition centre since 1967. PI_NEWS_TEMA_1PI_NEWS_ADV_U

It is a place where brands and their collection meet buyers and sign deals that will send their clothes all over the world. It is also a place where a public can meet the exhibitors and get information and knowledge about the products. It is mainly about menswear but not explicitly. This year a womenswear and childswear collections will be shown.1389451537162_street-style-tommy-ton-fall-winter-2014-pitti-uomo-4-09tumblr_n7hd17h5DF1qd8hm0o1_1280

You wonder why it is called Pitti Uomo 87? Yes, because the first event was held in Florence 43 years ago, in 1972. I found Pitti and interesting place and finally I will find out myself what all the fuzz is about. I truly hope it is exciting as is meeting new people, especially those interested in similar things to yourself. It is also very interesting to see so many different styles and creations of personal style in one place. On one hand Pitti has somehow helped men discover clothes and fashion. Not only stick to jeans, t-shirts and boots and a casual approach ‘I do not care about my clothes’ but to express yourself and enjoy the clothes you wear. Men are no longer afraid of being judged for being of a certain sexuality just because they care about their suits and shirts. This type of thinking is long gone. On the other hand though there are many people that would just do anything to be photographed during Pitti with a career in blogging, television or simply social media. They try so hard to be different and better that start to look like in a circus.

I surely will find out. For now I go back to planning my outfits ;).

Photos courtesy of Tommy Ton for GQ and pittimagine.com

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