Striped Luxire shirt and flannel

Mikolaj Pawelczak

Striped Luxire shirt and flannel

In the last months I have become even more fond of striped shirts. This must be partly because of ties I like to wear most: printed silks or fabrics with texture. In my opinion one needs a more interesting background/canvass for the look to succeed. White shirt is perfect for more formal occasions where playing with a colourful tie or texture is just not appropriate.

This is exactly why in the late October I ordered another batch of garments from Luxire.

Below you can find some characteristics of the shirt, it is basically the same model as my previous Pale Pink Striped Shirt:

Apart from the shirt I am also wearing a most recent purchase of mid grey flannel trousers. I already own a light grey Dugdale fabric pair so this was a reasonable next step to go for darker shade of grey. This is a pair of Dugdale Flannel in mid-grey which in my opinion is better suited for a dark navy sport coat. As I mentioned in a few posts back, this Suitsupply Hudson sport coat is quite dark in shade so I found it difficult to match a perfect shade of grey trousers to it. Wait time is over and I think the mid-grey is dark enough to match the navy colour of the jacket very well.

A few characteristics of the trousers:

  • Fabric: Mid-grey flannel by Dugdale 
  • Double forward pleats 
  • Custom made waistband: tunnel top side adjusters (also called daks
  • Button fly 
  • Fully lined waistband and lining up to the knee 
  • Two back pockets with buttons 

Blue loafers Mikolaj Pawelczak Blue loafers Mikolaj Pawelczak Blue loafers Mikolaj Pawelczak

The cardigan is from Uniqlo, tie is a wool one from Drake’s and the overcoat is a new sale item I picked up recently – from Aquascutum. Lovely quilted jacket in navy colour with 3 button, side pockets with flaps and double side vents in the back. It also features nicely detailed fabric under the collar. The pocket square is made of wool with a nice pattern and I got it as a gift from Eton of Sweden.Mikolaj Pawelczak blue loafersMikolaj Pawelczak blue loafersMikolaj Pawelczak blue loafers

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