MTM Denim shirt

Luxire denim shirt

MTM Denim shirt

You have already seen this MTM Denim shirt I ordered from Luxire some time ago but I haven’t share any specific details about it yet. In this post I wanted to show you some of the hand-finish details that are important in a shirt and that distinguish it from a regular RTW one. On top of the photo below please find another one of myself from my Instagram (which I encourage you to follow too!)

Mikolaj Pawelczak

All my shirts are pretty much only from Luxire these days but this particular denim shirt is special because I ordered a hand-finish on it. The fabric I used is Dark Indigo Denim Chambray while the collar is from my previous Order #7022 (blue dress seersucker), it also features medium fusing. Cuffs have only single button and are lined but not fused. Even though the fabric looks much darker on Luxire website mine is in very light blue. I asked for an additional wash so that the colour appears as much brighter shade of blue. It is perfect medium weight fabric for all seasons, maybe apart from hot summer.

Because this is the first hand-finished shirt I own I thought it would be best to use a darker thread so that the hand stitching is more visible. This way it will be much easier to show the areas which were made by hand. Finished by hand at Luxire means:

  1. Collar is completely attached by hand
  2. Sleeve attachement is done by hand
  3. Split yoke is done by hand
  4. Side seems are done by hand
  5. Hand finished reinforced gussets
  6. Buttonholes are hand finished and buttons are attached by hand as well
  7. Back (over the shoulders) is also attached to the front by hand

luxire denim shirt luxire denim shirt luxire denim shirt luxire denim shirt

I tried to take picture of each and every aspect of it and present to you so that you can judge yourself. This is the standard you can expect from Luxire when ordering a hand finish on your shirt. It is enough to make a note in the comments that you want a hand finish or simply add it to your cart as a additional service. Note: I was very happy to use Luxire’s option to get a $100 for photos of myself wearing Luxire gear on that.

On top of the split yoke in the back the shirt also features rotated sleeves, buttons are tall mother-of-pearl buttons from Australian Shell which is one of the best in the world as well as threads provided by Guetermann from Germany.

Every time I asked for or specified details Luxire followed them flawlessly and delivered a product which I was very happy with. This time was no exception. They did a great job and I already ordered the exact same copy of this shirt but in darker shade of blue.

Below myself wearing the shirt at the E. Tautz book launch event. Luxire denim shirt

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