Private White VC

Private White V.C.

One of the items that have always excited me was the bomber jacket as worn by the pilots during WWII. I have been into Airforce, pilots, WWII and planes since I was a little boy. Remember even drawing the Pearl harbour attack and Aircraft Carriers. Not surprisingly the moment I discovered jackets and coats made by British brand Private White VC I felt in love with them.

Courtesy of the Special Collections Department of the Glendale Public Library

Courtesy of the Special Collections Department of the Glendale Public Library

Private White VC is a brand offering wartime inspired garments, all made in their factory in Manchester using finest fabrics and materials. Each collection is designed by company’s Creative Director Nick Ashley – check his Instagram here.private white vc

Name of the brand pays tribute to the WWI hero Private Jack White who was awarded the Victoria Cross for saving equipment and most importantly his commanding officer’s life, the highest and most prestigious honour.

Private White VC clothes are produced in their factory in Manchester showing owners dedication to British textile business and local industry. All garments have been proudly made in Britain for over 100 years. Manchester and London are the two locations where you can find Private White VC stores with the newest store recently opened on Duke St in Mayfair.private white vc

private white vc


Anyhow, as I mentioned in the beginning of the post I want to present you brand’s wonderful jackets and coats. Private White VC offers many different style which include the famous bomber jacket, duffle coat or pea coat as well as biker jackets or even raincoats. In the RTW it is very important to use high quality fabrics and pay attention to details as this will be primarily spotted by customers. Natural fabrics like wool, cotton or its modified versions like tweed or Ventile are all being used for the best performance and comfort as possible.

Bomber Jacketg1 flight jacket

Jeep Jacket in Khakijeepcoat_mens_green_1

SB4 Raincoatmens_ventilemac_green_fs

Mechanic Shirtg15272_mech_navy_fs

Twin Track Jacket001671258

Cool Hunting Jacketg15124_hunting_creame_fs


What I really like about Private White is that their garments are developed and designed with a deep understanding of history of British Military history making it as stylish as practical. Everything from number of pockets, types of lining, way of weaving or copper details is well thought through and this is their biggest strength. You can get them from Private White VC online store or by visiting their premises in Manchester or London.

Also, check the Private Jack White story in the 1987 Victor comic book below.

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