Gymphlex Goalkeeper’s Sweatshirt

Gymphlex Goalkeeper’s Sweatshirt

Today I just wanted to make a quick post about one item I was testing for some time now. I was contacted by Gymphlex and asked if I would be interesting in testing their Goalkeeper’s Quilted Sweatshirtgymphlex goalkeepers sweatshirt

Gymphlex is a sportswear brand founded in 1906 in UK as a PE supplier to local schools. Company’s goal is to produce high quality sportswear for classic British sports like rugby, cricket, polo, golf or tennis. Despite their experience and history in England brand expanded to Japan and USA in the early 1990 where it continues to grow. Brand manufactures some of their clothes in factories in UK and Japan.gymphlex goalkeepers sweatshirt

What I like about the Gymphlex is that they are able to produce classic sportswear garment which can also be worn on casual days or during weekends. The Gymphlex Goalkeeper’s Sweatshirt I got in bordeaux, was very often used with a mens gilet (vest) or even under my M65 jacket. The sweatshirt is soft and relatively thick which makes it great for transition period and temperatures around 13-15 degrees. It might be too thick for running around though.

Sweatshirt is very comfortable, made of quilted cotton- definitely an interesting detail.

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