BnTailor Safari Jacket – review

This post will be a review of BnTailor Safari Jacket in made to measure I ordered last year.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. I paid the full retail price.

Just over a year ago I did a post on a MTM safari jacket that you can order either from BnTailor or Zaremba. Both brands launched the service approximately at the same time and it was interesting to compare both offerings. As mentioned in the post I love the safari jacket’s versatility and how great it is for travel or daily trips. Safari and field jacket are definitely my favourite outerwear products, both in summer and winter versions.

Today I would like to review the whole process of ordering and the quality and fit of the jacket I ordered from BnTailor. I don’t believe I have written much about it yet so today will go into more details.


bntailor safari jacket
bntailor safari jacket

First is the fit. BnTailor, who tailored my Crispaire bespoke suit, already had my measurements. Usually however you would provide them to BnTailor who then make it accordingly. All I have chosen was the colour. The choice is limited to three colours (navy, brown and white), BnTailor offering only a few of them, unlike Zaremba with whom you can choose any colour of the linen available.

In the fit it is all about proportions and comfort. Both are spot on on this BnTailor safari jacket. The position of the button in the waist is very accurate and the sleeves are of the right length. I rarely wear them buttoned though. I prefer the more casual look and roll both of them, especially when worn over a shirt (as seen on the photos). There are no creases on the shoulders and my forward pointing shoulders are well accommodated in the cut.

Linen wears very well and while initially feeling a tad stiff you do not really feel any sort of discomfort. It wrinkles and softens after some wear and gets a cool summery look. There is a very handy adjustable waist which I think is crucial in giving you a clear waistline. Otherwise the jacket could be a bit too roomy if not baggy.

The jacket is completely unlined therefore ideal for summer. It has a shirt like construction. There are no true lapels on it, only shirt-like collar. Zaremba on the other hand makes his one more as a jacket so I would consider it a bit more formal, if that is what you are after.

This season I was even wearing it over a t-shirt and liked it very much when paired with high waisted trousers and summer shoes or espadrilles worn sockless.

In the middle of the back there is a double sided pleat which adds a bit of volume and is meant to help you move your arms more freely. Sleeves are buttoned as a shirt and have a similar gauntlet. There are no vents in the back. All buttons are the same as the ones on the front placket. Relatively big, made of horn. Their attachement is my only issue. They keep getting loose and if I had worn it more they would simply fall off. I consider it to be an issue and BnTailor should work on improving this aspect. It is very annoying.

bntailor safari jacket
bntailor safari jacket

Jacket is made entirely by machine. BnTailor designed it but another maker is producing it for them. I don’t have any issues with it as it is like an RTW item only made to your measurements. They are busy enough with their bespoke orders. Also, those RTW or MTO products are best for business because I am sure you know, with the time required for bespoke, you get much better margin on RTW products.

At the time of ordering the jacket costs $550. It came in the post together with the suit for my fitting so I didn’t have to pay any additional shipment costs. It can be ordered via email with the waiting time being about 3-4 weeks. BnTailor just announced on Instagram that they will add the jacket to their online store Chad Prom. You can also buy other RTW products there, like denim trousers, polo shirts, accessories and jumpers.

The cloth comes from British merchant – Dugdale.

Let me know what you think about the fit and have a look at more photos below! As always, thanks for reading!

On the photos I am wearing: Navy suede loafers on F last by Vass/mtm shirt in blue striped linen-cotton by Luxire and denim trousers by Levis. Glasses are classic Ray-bans.

bntailor safari jacket
bntailor safari jacket
bntailor safari jacketbntailor safari jacket
bntailor safari jacket

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