Stoffa suede field jacket

Stoffa suede field jacket

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I paid the full retail price for the product.


Stoffa is a brand that most of you will recognize by their suede jackets, most likely by the well known flight jacket. Their business model is based on offering made-to-measure clothing via series of trunk shows around the world. In early March this year they started coming to London, together with Marcus Malmborg representing Eidos. In this post I will share my experience with ordering Stoffa suede field jacket as a made to measure outerwear jacket.stoffa field jacket

The company is run by ex-Isaia’s Agyesh Madan. Quick glance at Stoffa’s Instagram account shows you a great consistency in the way clothes are presented both in terms of product shots as well as editorials. Agyesh greatest strength is his ability to play with the fabrics and colours, particularly natural tones. Stoffa’s offering is very well designed because most of the items work well together. Outdoor pieces like field jackets or flight jackets are paired with polo shirts and trousers in light, pastel colours. Interesting textures of the fabrics add so much to the look while not making it too busy.

There is a great understanding of what is enough in brands styling. Agyesh has a great eye for colours and that’s why he is also offering MTM trousers (their big seller!), hats (check out the rollable felt one!), scarves and leather accessories to accompany the main offering – suede jackets.

I was so excited when I heard that Stoffa will start coming to London for trunk shows. I have been a big fan of their designs and collection for a very long time. Every time you look at Stoffa’s photos and it makes you want to wear everything. 

I visited Stoffa’s and Eidos trunk show in early March with a goal to examine the offering, get a bit more info about the man behind it and also have a closer look at Eidos, brand that has been very popular in US and Sweden yet not so much yet in UK. I ended up ordering MTM field jacket in suede as a result!

Stoffa suede field jacket – made to measure

Below you can see a fitting model in olive suede and a swatch of the mint green suede that I finally went for. The thought process for this Stoffa suede field jacket was simple. Olive is really nice but in my opinion too similar to the light green cotton field jacket I already own. Grey was very interesting but maybe a bit too “sad” for myself (as a outerwear, not that I don’t like grey suits). Sand was fantastic, particularly in perforated suede but I thought it was too summery and would work better in LA than London. I was left with classic dark brown or this super interesting mint green. stoffa field jacket

You know the rest of the story. Mint green it is! It will look amazing with grey flannel trousers or cream/white. White polo shirt or my trusty grey pique button down from Luxire would be the favourite. Stoffa’s offering is a true made to measure, meaning you don’t really change the style. I think it is fair to Agyesh, the designer that you choose one model, then have it made to your measurements. Size would obviously be adjusted to your posture and proportions including moving the buttoning point and pockets position. The jacket is then being made for you in Italy and delivered at the next trunk show, which for London is usually within 6 weeks. Considering Stoffa is here so often I think this is a really fast turnaround for a made to measure piece of clothing.stoffa suede field jacket

Final effect

I picked up the jacket at brand’s latest trunk show in May and was still able to wear it few times before the summer. Let me tell you, it is a wonderful piece of work. I think the decision to go for mint green was fantastic. I couldn’t be happier. This is the kind of piece in your wardrobe that would age with me unless I rip a hole somewhere. It is interesting, quite one of a kind type of jacket. It is so practical too, one aspect I probably love most about the field jackets. Number of pockets makes it a perfect travel companion. stoffa suede field jacket

The proportions have been chosen to allow me to wear it with tailoring. I decided I wanted to wear a jacket underneath so we had to adjust for it when choosing the total length and the sleeve lengths. Also, the armhole couldn’t be made very high and small because I needed room for a jacket. Buttoned vents in the back give the jacket tailored look and make it a bit more smart than regular field jacket.

The quality of the finish is very nice and neat. I like the lambskin suede quality too. Zips and studs, hardware (made of grey metal) in general are firm and work without problems. Buttoning is easy. There are convenient cuff buttons and shirt-like gauntlets too. It is useful if you have a heavier jacket underneath and unbuttoning the cuff would allow for more comfort. stoffa suede field jacket

Contact and customer service by Stoffa is flawless. They respond quickly and professionally. Clearly there is system in place and people whose job is to take care of customers. You cannot say the same about many makers these days. I think that it is as important as the product itself and if not good, can ruin the made to measure experience.

Things to change? Yes. If I was the designer I would make the bottom 2 outer pockets lined as well. Otherwise the suede leaves little scrubs and they often end up under my nails! Which then looks like I work in the garden all day haha. It is a bit annoying. Also, regarding the front pockets. There are no metal buttons under the flaps. After some wear, I could see that the suede stretches a little bit, especially if you wear phone, small card holder or other items in the pockets. It leaves them sag a bit (as can be seen on the photo above). If there were buttons, you could just close it and they would keep the pocket in shape. One last thing was the sleeve length. Somehow the right one was made too long so you see me wearing the jacket with one sleeve rolled at the cuff. I quite like the look but I left the jacket for alteration with Agyesh and picked it up last weekend.stoffa suede field jacket

The prices for Stoffa suede field jacket start at $1700. Other models are more affordable at $1300. I think it is a fair price for well executed MTM lambskin jacket although clearly not cheap.

Hope you find this review useful. I am a very happy owner of Stoffa suede field jacket and would recommend them to everyone. The offering is unique and well designed. Agyesh not only is a pleasure to deal with but also would advise you very well on both style and measurements of the jacket. Stoffa also comes to London very regularly (every 6 weeks) which makes for easy and quick delivery of your final product.

Thanks for reading! Please see more photos below.

Please also note that each screen can be set differently therefore the colour of the jacket might vary. Some might also consider it too vivid for classic outerwear jacket. stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket stoffa suede field jacket