Classic jeans for the weekend look

chad prom jeans

Classic jeans for the weekend look

During weekends I most often use denim trousers as the base for my outfit. I don’t think I wear any other type nearly as often as jeans. I usually pair it with a shirt, loafers or trainers and casual jacket or sport coat. In this post I thought I would give you couple of options for my favourite classic jeans for weekend.

This post should serve as a style advice or guide on where to find good quality and smart, classic jeans.

chad prom jeans

Chad Prom jeans are available in two colours

When putting clothes on in the morning on Saturday I start with jeans. I have one favourite pair but there are three options in total that I would like to recommend you. Smart looking denim trousers have become very popular recently and rightfully so. They usually are high waisted with relatively narrow leg and classic denim design. They work well with tailoring and both casual and smarter shoes. Chad from B&Tailor must have been one of the first big promoters of the look although he was not the first one to pull this look off. Obviously you could wear almost any pair of jeans for casual weekend but he was smart to design a tailored version for those #menswear folks who needed exactly that. Others followed and we have at least few options now to choose from.

anglo italian denim

Anglo-Italian light blue classic jeans

I would recommend Chad Prom jeans (if you live in Asia or US) or a pair from the newly launched Anglo-Italian here in London. Chad Prom is a RTW line created by the guys at the bespoke tailors B&Tailor in Korea. Anglo-Italian is run by Jake Grantham and Alex Pirounis (ex The Armoury buddies). Their denim is available both in store and online.

Anglo-Italian classic jeans fit perfectly straight from the box. I tried them on couple of weeks ago in the store and my waist size is even the right length too (never happened in RTW trousers before). They are officially called mid-rise but still sit on my waist and not below. Leg taper is great and very proportional. I can really recommend them although they are quite pricey at £240. Fabric comes from Japan. You can see Jake wearing a pair here and myself trying them on in the store here.

chad prom jeans

Chad Prom jeans worn with sport coat and loafers

Chad Prom jeans at $270 look like a better value. It is the second version of their denim and it does not have as high rise as the previous one and is a little bit wider in leg. I yet have to try them but they look very nice on the photos. First iteration had a super high rise for casual denim and probably too high to be honest. Ver 2 looks like an improvement. The wash, especially on the darker model, looks very clean (see photo below). They are made in Korea from Turkish denim fabric.

Another option for classic jeans is the Levi’s Vintage Clothing line and their 1960’s model. I own a pair and love them. They sell for well below £200. However the smallest size they offer is 32 waist which is a bit too big for me, that’s the only disadvantage. They were also too long. The denim is lovely, quite soft and very comfortable to wear. I wear them with the BnTailor safari jacket as shown here or polo shirt and casual sport coat here.

I hope this short post helps you narrow down the options when looking for classic jeans that go well with tailoring and are designed a bit more like smart trousers.

As always, thanks for reading!

anglo-italian jeans

Anglo-Italian jeans made of Japanese denim fabric

chad prom jeans chad prom jeans chad prom jeans chad prom jeans chad prom jeans

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