BnTailor bespoke suit – 2nd fitting

BnTailor bespoke suit – 2nd fitting

This post is about my second fitting for BnTailor bespoke suit order in light grey Crispaire cloth.

Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with BnTailor bespoke who kindly offered a discounted price.

You can read more about BnTailor bespoke in my first post here and the description of the order and details on measuring here. The 1st fitting was described in this post.

Today I would like to talk a bit more about the style of the jacket. As you know already it will have notch lapels, quite generous at about 11cm, 3-rolled-2 buttoning and jetted pockets. In my opinion those pockets can make a huge difference in the appearance of a suit.

Pocket with flaps, the most common solution can look a bit heavy. It is my preference to either have jetted pockets or patch pockets – for more casual garments. Jetted ones give a much cleaner look and definitely emphasise the fit and cut of a jacket. BnTailor bespoke garments with jetted pockets (whether sport coat or a suit) will very soon become their flagship model, I think. They are in my opinion the precursors of making sport coats this way. Something that, not too long ago, I would consider inappropriate considering they originally come from more formal garments like dinner jackets. bntailor bespoke

You could also say that in order to be consistent I should have considered peak lapel which would work much better with “more formal” type of pockets. I refused however and wanted the classic BnTailor bespoke look. I know Chad of BnTailor likes this style and wanted that too to see how I like it. He is a very good designer – see my photos of the BnTailor safari jacket or their latest product – rtw denim trousers called Chad Prom.

In regard to the fit during 2nd fitting. There were literally almost no adjustments to trousers, we only slightly let the waist out and nailed the length.

bntailor bespoke suit

On the jacket, one of the lines for breast pocket has been removed and the back re-cut in accordance with changes noted in the first post. There is one aspect of fit that I always find very important – forward pinching shoulders. We had to add just a bit of room on the right one (more pronounced) in the front. Sleeve pitch was absolutely spot on from the beginning as well as the general proportions – length and buttoning point. It just felt right from the first fitting.

As you can see on the photos the jacket is not tight, not too fitted and trousers are generous in thighs too. All those aspects are characteristic for BnTailor bespoke suit which is said, by many bespoke enthusiasts, to be one of the most comfortable they own. I am only thinking about the waist in the back and trousers – during final fitting will decide whether not take them slightly in.

Photo below was mainly taken to show you the amazing shape of the chest pocket – nice small tailoring detail. The so called “barchetta” (little boat) shaped pocket is beautifully made by BnTailor with the ends not only wider than the middle but also shifted slightly up to the shoulder. Please also note the pencil drawn line on the lapel, just below the collar. This is an indication of the final position and shape of the gorge. Can’t wait to see it finished. All those are the stylistic aspects of BnTailor bespoke garments that made me order a suit – something that is not only comfortable, made to fit and of high quality – but also purely a thing of beauty. bntailor bespoke suit

“The most comfortable?” We shall see and review this statement when it is ready to be picked up at the beginning of August. If there are any areas that need to be adjusted, i.e. sleeve length this will be done in Sweden by Robin and shipped back soon after.

Have a look at the rest of the photos below. Thanks for reading!

Robin will come to London for another Trunk Show on 4-5th August and will be taking orders for BnTailor bespoke orders as well as his own Robin Pettersson trousers. Email him at robin@rp-tailor.com for appointments.

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