BnTailor bespoke suit – 1st fitting

BnTailor bespoke suit – 1st fitting

Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with BnTailor bespoke who kindly offered a discounted price.

Last month I visited the beautiful St James’ Court Taj Hotel for the first fitting of my BnTailor bespoke suit ordered via Robin Pettersson – a tailor on his own and their fitter for Sweden and UK.

You can read more about BnTailor bespoke in my first post here and the description of the order and details on measuring here.

There are pros and cons of everything. Bespoke tailoring is no different. Different people would value some of the advantages more than the cons, they might not mind the disadvantages at all. Similarly visiting tailors gives you many opportunities while they have to sacrifice in other areas. The thing is to know all those aspects and choose whatever suits us best.b&tailor bespoke

As with any bespoke, the most important factor is the cut. You can’t just ask Savile Row tailor to make you soft Neapolitan jacket only because it is true bespoke and one would imagine you can order anything, literally. Style and cut are learnt and trained so by choosing a tailor you choose his style. Hint: look at as many photos as you can (online these days) and be familiar with the so-called house style. Confront it with what you would be comfortable wearing, asses your working environment, occasion etc. Then make a decision. I am sure there are at least few tailors, quite similar in style and cut but available at different price ranges so that you can choose at least one, within your budget.b&tailor bespoke

Once you have chosen a specific tailor, just let him cut you a suit in a style that they have cut for years. Choose lapel width, trouser leg width – all within Cutter’s recommendation. Remember that bespoke tailoring is a game of proportions, they all have to be in a good balance.

BnTailor bespoke cut is similar to Italian but with less flair. It is considered to be very comfortable. Jacket is cut with generous waist – especially in the front – while having a very nice line on the sides. Lapels have beautiful roll and the gorge line is absolutely gorgeous. As if it was drawn by an artist. Jacket length is standard, definitely not short though. Trousers are high waisted and not slim. B&Tailor uses basting thread to mark the vertical lines that help them during the fittings – along the front of the trouser leg as well as the jacket’s sleeves.

Trousers did not many adjustments. Initial cut has been done really well. We pinned them in the back under the seat and a bit on the inside seam, that’s all. We also decided to take them out 1.5cm in the waist to allow for more comfort while sitting.
The jacket needed to be taken in in the back, over the shoulders and would need to raise the right front just a tad. Also, no major changes at this stage. Robin was very happy with the way the first fitting went so in 6 weeks he will be back for a second one.

Interesting to note that BnTailor bespoke suit at first fitting has two marks for breast pockets – on both right and left side. It has been symmetrically cut to make sure both sides are perfectly the same for first fitting.

Thanks for reading! More photos below.

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