St Pauls Cathedral view

St Pauls Cathedral view

Sometimes all you want is just show some beautiful images in stunning scenery. St Pauls Cathedral is definitely one of my favourite buildings in London which works perfectly for any photoshoot.

St Pauls sits on top of the Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London. It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and build mainly in the XVII century. Cathedral’s dome is huge measuring 34m in diameter and 85m in height!

st pauls cathedral

Rooftop cocktail bar with a view on St Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral held funerals of Lord Nelson or Sir Winston Churchill, peace services that marked the end of both World Wars and of course weddings – Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer’s amongst others.

Being located in the financial district of London – The City – it is daily surrounded by thousands of city workers. What is more appropriate for this scenery than the “financial classic” navy double breasted striped suit? You have already seen it during the winter Pitti (link to the post here). What I wanted to show you this time is a minor detail and how you can in a very discrete way play with similar outfits.

knitted tie

Knitted wool tie

I am sure you all agree that striped suit with striped shirt requires a plain tie. Yes! However, plain silk ties are more formal than I would like and arguably a bit boring for a daily use. What I like to do is to add texture in a tie – hence the grenadine at Pitti – and knitted wool tie this time. You can do that with every other outfit too. It would also be nice to have similar tie in different construction or weight, i.e. summer and winter. For example in the last post about Top 10 tie makers I showed you an amazing seersucker tie by Vanda Fine Clothing. It was made of navy fabric too. Looking from up close it would give quite a different feeling.

So it is often fine tuning more than big changes. Small things that matter and while does not seem to make a big bold statement they show you care and have a great taste. Thanks for reading folks!

Suit: Madison model (Suitsupply)
Shirt: made-to-measure (Deo Veritas) – link to my review here
Tie: Poszetka
Shoes: bespoke (Tadeusz Januszkiewicz)

Photography: Dhruva Chandramouli

double breasted striped suit double breasted striped suit double breasted striped suit

Januszkiewicz bespoke

Januszkiewicz bespoke oxford shoes

double breasted striped suit double breasted striped suitst pauls06smallst pauls08smalldouble breasted striped suitdouble breasted striped suitdouble breasted striped suit

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