Minimum squared wallet review

Minimum squared wallet review

Disclaimer: Minimum squared kindly offered the wallet free of charge for the purpose of this review

Today I would like to introduce you to a Spanish brand called Minimum squared who are offering innovative leather goods, minimum squared wallet being their flagship product. The brand has been founded by Sanela and her husband, who coming from an engineering background design this product.

Brand’s goal is to design a travel friendly wallet that can fit many cards and some cash notes without problems. The official capacity is for 10 cards but personally I would put about 6-8 in there. The wallet would just became too bulky otherwise. There is no need to fold the notes before putting them in as the wallet is big enough to fit them, even the really big ones.  minimum squared wallet

All products are made by hand by Sanela in Valencia, Spain using leathers from small English tannery – Harmatan & Oakridge. Leather is fully grained using only organic tannage technique. Hand stitching is done with highly twisted linen thread from French manufacturer – Filatures J. Toulemonde, the same the is used by Hermes. Leather is stitched using classic saddle stitch technique with no machines involved. They are not only much nicer but more importantly will make the wallet durable.

As another factor it is worth mentioning that the website is very nice, clear and intuitive. Technology and processes are well explained as are materials used. I like the fact that the brand has a clear message about minimalistic products which is also included in the design of the website. Minimum Squared are planning on marketing tote bags and backpacks in the near future too.

As a short summary of the video review I have to say that I really like the fact the even though it is of a size of a cardholder it can actually fit more items. Not only that but also they are put in more organized way. You can see which cards you have with you and there is no need to take out notes if you want to see what you brought. It is small, slim and compact, made of best materials and finished very neatly. There are options of customisation and ordering it in different colours of leathers and bands. There is one thing I don’t like about it but you have to see the video review to get the full picture of Minimum Squared wallet review.

minimum squared

Nice little packaging

minimum squared

It comes with little swatches of different leathers

minimum squared

..and a lovely personal note

minimum squaredYou can see my more extensive review below together with some tips on how to make the best use of Minimum Squared wallet. Have a look! Hope you like it.

Some more photos of the wallet below.minimum squared wallet minimum squared wallet

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