Norman Vilalta shoes – new collection

Norman Vilalta shoes

Norman Vilalta shoes – new collection

In the early December Norman Vilalta shoemaker located in Barcelona launched a new collection of shoes at the renewed shoe store in New York called Leffot. You can find a bit more information on Norman Vilalta shoes in one of my previous posts here.


Founded relatively recently, in 2008, Leffot is a store located in Manhattan West Village featuring fine shoes for men. It has a great selection of almost all the high quality brands – Gaziano&Girling, Corthray, Edward Green, John Lobb, Saint Crispin’s and of course Norman Vilalta.

So, not long ago Norman visited Leffot and launched a new collection of Norman Vilalta shoes. And oh boy it is fantastic. In the past, there were 2 main collections of shoes: No 5 and Savile Row Meets Rock N’ Roll. No 5 being more classic with a side laced wholecut as its flagship model. The other line is characteristic thanks to commando rubber soles being used on derby and boot shoes together with a very interesting patinas on pebble grain leather. This I would say is Norman’s characteristic shoe. I love them and often see him wearing the derbys. You wouldn’t think how comfortable the commando sole is.Norman vilalta shoes

Now, here comes the new collection. It is full of beautiful boots, particularly those balmoral with suede leather. As always Norman delivers colourful patinas and rubber commando soles. There is also one completely new idea: patina on suede chelsea boot – that is something I have never seen before. Certainly interesting though not perfectly my cup of tea. I am in love with the balmoral boots and think they arrived right on time, especially considering how late the real winter comes these days. Models are available at Leffot in New Yor and directly from Norman. Please have a look at this wonderful collection of shoes and head over to the store if you happen to live or be in New York. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Norman and Fernando for sharing all the photos with me so that I can show it to all of you guys.


Leffot, 3-4
10 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 989-4577

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