Foster and Son bespoke shoes #4 – finished shoe

Foster and Son bespoke shoes #4 – finished shoe

This unfortunately is the last post from the Foster and Son series. The previous three posts can be found here #1, here #2 and here #3. They cover almost the entire process of hand made bespoke shoemaking. Finally, please find below some of the bespoke shoes that I managed to take photos of during my visit to Foster and Son bespoke shoemakers at Jermyn St, London.

1. Chukka Boot

IMG_9412 IMG_9419 IMG_9415 IMG_9423

2. Black calf leather loaferIMG_9439 IMG_9434 IMG_9433 IMG_9429 IMG_94273. Brown derby brogue
IMG_9452 IMG_9450 IMG_9448 IMG_9446 IMG_9445 IMG_94404. Brown semi-brogue

IMG_9458 IMG_9456 IMG_9455

5. Black semi-brogueIMG_9470 IMG_9467 IMG_9465 IMG_9464

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