Pitti Uomo 90 – beige suit

beige suit

Pitti Uomo 90 – beige suit

After a casual first day in Florence cycling and a late dinner during day 1 we finally made it to Fortezza da Basso and Pitti Uomo on Tuesday morning. I want to show you the beige suit I was wearing that day at last.

First things first – photoshoot. We had a scheduled shoot organized in collaboration with menswear accessories brand Monsieur Fox. Our photographer was the amazing Neil Watson who works for A&H magazine amongst others. It was nothing but pleasure working with him. Literally he was taking care of everything, starting from the tie knot to taking leaves from my hair. Hope I can show you some photos soon. Or better you can see them yourself at Monsieur Fox website.pitti uomo

As you can see we shot at least 2 different looks. Must say those pocket squares are lovely. Made of favourite fabric wool and silk mix, very light. Proper size as well, about 40x40cm square.
pitti uomoOn our first day at Pitti Uomo I was wearing a beige suit in linen I have gotten the year before from Suitsupply. It was late in the summer so I did not have a chance to wear it in London.

We had a discussion lately, for all those of you who speak Polish you can check our new project – the style podcasts, where we were talking about the colours and other aspects and how they relate to our complexion or body shape.  I said that the original solaro fabric is quite difficult and not everyone can pull it off. Yet here I am wearing a pale/beige linen suit. Well.. Plain coloured suits work very well for my style. I truly love striped shirts which I wear most often. I also love patterned ties. As you know probably those 3 patterns actually work perfectly with each other. Stripes are a perfect background for more geometric print on the tie while the plain suit keeps it all together and allows for good balance. Nothing too crazy, nothing extravagant but still interesting.
beige suit beige suit

Because of thin and soft fabric this beige suit is very casual. It can be easily worn without a tie, with a navy polo shirt or olive green one. Many colours of ties work well with it: burgundy, blue, navy, green or brown for more classic look. Linen might be too casual hence not versatile enough though for most of us. Unless you live in south Italy, Spain or any other southern country where it is sunny most of the year. I do not get to use it very often in London, few times a year I would say. It has side pockets with flaps which I put inside and make them essentially a jetted pockets – the same style as my tailor B&Tailor.
beige suit cappelli tie

Here you can see a close up of the accessories. Shirt is made of an Albini cotton-linen blend shirting fabric in sahara brown coloured stripes. They are not plain brown but a bit brighter. Collar points are of my standard length but the band is not very high.

Tie is absolutely amazing and I love it. It is made by Neapolitan tie makers E.G. Cappelli who are a small family manufacturers. I got it through Exquisite Trimmings – online menswear store. The tie has been made us un-tipped with hand-rolled edges. What makes it so unique is the fabric, it is a raw silk in an interesting colour combination. Green is vivid and saturated with the other colours matching it very nicely with the beige suit. 3 fold construction allows it to be lightweight and summery with the width 8cm being exactly as I like it. It is not available anymore but always worth asking as E.G. Cappelli could potentially make them as to your order.

Pocket square is by Monsieur Fox. As mentioned earlier they are from new collection made of wool and silk mix. It is very soft and thanks to different colours can be worn all year long. Design is called “London circus” and have the edges hand rolled in Italy. It also is available through Exquisite Trimmings store or originally through brands online store.

I was wearing:
Suit – beige suit in linen by Suitsupply
Shirt – Albini brown striped cotton linen MTM shirt by Luxire
Tie – raw silk by E.G. Cappelli
Pocket square – wool/silk by Monsieur Fox
Shoes – suede oxfords by Meermin

beige suit

Here in conversation with my friend Wil, shirtmaker, and Valentino Ricci, one of the founders of bespoke tailors Sciamat


We finished the day with a lovely late night dinner

I have also chosen my suede oxford shoes in light brown and braided brown leather belt.
beige suit beige suit florence

As always thanks for reading. Hope you are enjoying those Pitti Uomo posts. Next up will be the day 3 look.

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