Pitti Uomo 90 video

Pitti Uomo 90 video

We are back from Italy, well, it’s been 2 weeks now. Pitti Uomo 90 has been great and we had some of the best time. The weather was lovely, not too hot while still sunny. For the sake of the videos, I really enjoyed some clouds as well.

Ive ben thinking about recording some videos from Pitti and finally made up my mind. Maybe even not this but simply wanted to have a clear idea on what those videos will be about.

pitti uomo 90 video

Recording some video for you 😉

There are two parts. One is more about the trip to Florence and the city itself, how we spent our first 2 days – quite casual vlog as you know it. The second video is more about nicer footage of people at Pitti Uomo 90 and there is definitely less of a real story there. You can subscribe to our BlueLoafersTV channel here :).

I have to admit it was quite a challenge for us to make those with not much experience in any filmmaking whatsoever. I’m sure you will be kind and will appreciate that those are the very first 2 videos we ever made. Would be interesting to know your thoughts about this kind of medium in showing some menswear related content.

Hope you like this idea and please share your thoughts and comments either here in the post or in the comments on youtube. Also, if you like those Pitti Uomo 90 video please give it a thumbs up.

As always thanks for reading and watching! In few days I will post about my navy-white look featuring cream mohair trousers and double breasted hopsack blazer.

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