Peregrine Clothing – London Wool Ride

peregrine clothing

Peregrine Clothing – London Wool Ride

The London Wool Ride was a metropolitan bike ride and a part of Wool Week (5-12.10.2014) organized by The Campaign for Wool. There were over 300 cyclists participating this year. The ride took of at the Potters Field and went through some of the London’s key spots including London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster and Regent Street.Peregrine clothing wool rideMain idea of the Wool Ride is to promote wool, quality clothing and support the industry.

Peregrine Clothing invited me to join their team, which finally consisted of 8 cyclists, and participate in the ride. The weather was absolutely insane. Sun was shining the whole day, sky was cloudless so I could not imagine better scenery for a cycle ride on Sunday morning than London.peregrine clothing
The brand is a family business brand founded in 1800 by Thomas Glover. Firm is now being run by Tom Glover (picture below) and proud themselves in producing high quality British clothing made entirely in Britain.peregrine clothing

I haven’t ride a bicycle in a long, long time so was a bit apprehensive. Without my own bike, Quella Bikes brand was kind enough to provide us with a fantastic looking, fixed gear bike. We started shortly after 9am for a 13 mile ride. I was wearing a 100% wool jumper (link), my old pair of Levi’s jeans, Meermin oxfords in brown suede, Luxire white oxford button down shirt and leather driving gloves.peregrine clothingperegrine clothing

As I a person who looks for a softness in most fabrics I was surprised by the Peregrine jumper. It was very comfortable and soft. The S size fitted me really well and looks like it is more than adequate for riding a bike. Jumper is influenced by traditional fisherman’s jumper characterized by a rather bulky knit. Ecru is the colour to go with I think but there is also a navy version available.

I think the Wool Ride is a great event. Definitely a ride you will not forget any time soon. Campaign for Wool does a great job in promoting wool industry and quality British clothing. Full support from me!

You can have a look at Peregrine Clothing here:
Quella Bikes are available from here:

Photography courtesy of Yu Fujiwara

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