BnTailor bespoke price

b&tailor bespoke suit

BnTailor bespoke price

Considering how many people keep asking about the BnTailor bespoke price I decided it was time to put it here into a post and make it easy to find. So here it is, probably the quickest post ever.b&tailor bespoke suit

If you want to commission a BnTailor bespoke suit, jacket or overcoat, here are the prices through their European representative Robin Pettersson tailor:

(as of June 2017)

  • Suit 24 500 SEK
  • Sport Coat 19 000 SEK
  • Trousers 7000 SEK
  • Coat 25 000 SEK
  • Polo coat 28 000 SEK

All prices in Swedish Crowns including VAT. Hope that is helpful. Please share with everyone interested.


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