B&Tailor bespoke suit in POW from Fox Brothers flannel

b&tailor bespoke suit

B&Tailor bespoke suit in POW from Fox Brothers flannel

This post is on my new B&Tailor bespoke suit which I ordered late last year.

Disclaimer: post is in collaboration with B&Tailor and Robin Pettersson who kindly offered a discounted price.

You have already seen my first suit from B&Tailor, the bespoke experience I described in a series of few posts last year. It turn out really nice. It was made of light grey Crispaire (so-called travelling cloth) from Holland&Sherry. I took it with me to Florence for January edition of Pitti Uomo and quite frankly wear it all year long. I have yet to test it in hot weather but will probably have a chance again in Italy mid June.

Today I would like to show you the latest project.

b&tailor bespoke suit

Fox Brothers flannel in POW check by B&Tailor

I decided to go for this rather contrast original Prince of Wales check flannel by Fox Brothers. Cloth itself is really soft, something I was pleasant to find out when inspected the swatch. It is of proper weight, nothing lightweight this time – approx. 13 ounces. Should only serve me during colder months and I would probably not need a very thick overcoat then.

The style of the suit is exactly the same as the grey Crispaire, so single button, notch lapel, jetted pockets.

The first fitting was just before Christmas 2016 and the second one mid March. The last one and the pick up, hopefully, will be sometime in May. I am a little afraid B&Tailor are only getting more busy and Robin is expanding his business to Paris too. It would most likely mean more wait time for the fittings. He can’t arrange a Trunk Show unless B&Tailor finished all the garments.

1st fitting

Some photos from the 1st fitting below. It was back in December and it was the first time I saw this cloth other than in swatch book. That’s the difficult bid, it is often a challenge to predict how the swatch would look in a full suit or jacket. However I think this less muted version of the POW check looks very interesting. It has a lot of contrast therefore I will have to wear it with simpler colours and patterns. My first idea is simple white shirt and knitted tie.

b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit

2nd fitting

It was one of the warmest days of 2017 (to date) so you can see me wearing seersucker shirt, cashmere cardigan and loafers (sock less!). Also for Spring Robin moved to different location for Trunk Show. I think it is better from certain perspective: it is bigger, brighter, has better changing area, bigger and more comfortable mirror and a handy selection of cloths. On the other hand it is usually only open until early evening, so the time of your appointment might be slightly more restrained. Robin usually comes on Friday morning, starts the fittings right away and finishes Saturday afternoon.

At the 2nd fitting you can feel the suit quite differently. The jacket has the chest and lapels padded already, the pockets are set in and this is the last time you could make major changes. As you can see below the back is so clean! Very good job by B&Tailor. Partially it is up to the cloth too. It is relatively heavy and drapes very well.

Balance and general proportions are perfect and the suit makes me feel great, very comfortable.

b&tailor bespoke suit

We always start with the fitting of trousers

b&tailor bespoke suitb&tailor bespoke suitb&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit b&tailor bespoke suit

b&tailor bespoke suit

Hand padded chest piece

Robin will be back in London for another Trunk Show next month so hopefully I will pick up my B&Tailor bespoke suit then.

Thanks for reading!

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