Beige suit – how to wear it in summer

Beige suit – how to wear it in summer

There is almost no other time during the year when you can get away with wearing a beige suit in linen. Unless you live in a place with constantly sunny weather of course. Because it is summer in full swing here in London, also in most parts of Europe, I wanted to show you how you can wear your beige suit. While we all agree than blue or navy are very versatile colours beige is quite underestimated as a summer attire. Hope it helps you wear yours more often or maybe encourage you to buy one?

Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Exquisite Trimmings who provided the accessories for the time of the photoshoot. I was not compensated in any way

To keep things simple I decided to show different accessories – tie and pocket square combination – that go well with beige colour. This is by no means only option, you can wear the suit down and instead of a shirt and tie go for a polo shirt with trainers. Great look too and I hope I can show it to you this summer as well.

The true summer suit I have is the one in linen. I got it last year and didn’t get to wear it too often due to poor weather in England. It is a very summery colour and fits me very well with not too many adjustments (only sleeves were shortened). It is the Copenhagen model from Suitsupply. What I really like about it are the wider trouser legs that make so much sense. You would wear it in the hot weather so allowing for more comfort and breathability is very sensible. The jacket is single breasted and has notch lapels with pockets with flaps. That’s the area I am not the biggest fan of so decided to wear them in the pockets and pretending these are jetted pockets.

beige suit

If you haven’t yet please go to this post, for more info and more photos of this outfit from Day 1 of Pitti Uomo 90. I think it is my favourite with this amazing E. G. Cappelli green raw silk tie.

As you will see on the next photos I have chosen three major colours of the accessories that I think work very well: green, burgundy/dark red and blue/pale blue.

Remember that it not only is about the colour but also about texture. Some fabrics are more appropriate for certain time of the year. For example shantung (raw silk) or linen is definitely suitable for summer while not at all for winter. On the contrary you wouldn’t wear cashmere tie in the summer. You see what I am at. So here we have it on the first photo with green printed raw silk tie, unlined with hand-rolled edges and lightweight wool/silk pocket square by Monsieur Fox. The square is made of a cloth in different colours so depending on which one you need to show you can just fold it differently.

beige suit

Beige goes also very well with pale blue

Second look features pale blue accessories.

On my Instagram this has been one of the most popular photos lately so seems like you guys have enjoyed it. I think it is special because of the combination of pale colours. Beige as well as pale blue are both very light. The tie fabric is also in a geometric print. It is a woven silk tie from Drake’s, self tipped. The pocket square illustration has been printed on lightweight wool/silk cloth with pale blue edges which makes this combo so good. It actually is the same design as the previous square but in different colour version.

Please note that I haven’t changed even my shirt for this second look, and I won’t even for the last one. It just shows you how easy it is to have 2-3 accessories and play with them to create interesting outfits. If you only change a shirt for white one and go for classic linen pocket square that would make it very easily an interesting look too.

beige suit

Burgundy accessories to make it bit more formal

It is not a coincidence that I have left this outfit as the last one.

With darker colours, like burgundy or dark red, you can create a less summer and more formal outfit. Still, beige suit in linen is very informal but you can elevate it into more classic look by using printed silk tie in darker colour. This tie is from Drake’s as well, pocket square again by Monsieur Fox. On a first look this tie-square combo maybe does not look as perfect as the previous ones but I think it makes you appreciate it more this way. It is not obvious, that’s what I wanted to say maybe. There is some hint of burgundy and brown and purple even, small bits though, that relate to burgundy tie and beige suit.

I would wear each of those outfits to work in the summer. Brown suede oxfords or loafers depending on how casual you prefer to be and maybe leather calf pair in dark brown for late afternoon/evening wear.

Hope you guys do enjoy those options and that it gives you some inspiration for other summer looks featuring beige suit too. As always, thanks for reading! Below some more photos from the shoot 😉

Photography: Dorian Nedzewicz

I was wearing:
Suit: Suitsupply Copenhagen style
Shirt: mtm in Albini cotton/linen fabric by Luxire
Ties: Drake’s and E.G. Cappelli (both from Exquisite Trimmings store)
Pocket squares: Monsieur Fox
Shoes: Meermin brown suede oxfords
Bag: Frank Clegg (duffle) and Simpson London (briefcase)

beige suit beige suit beige suit beige suit beige suit

beige suit

Is anyone home?

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