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New J. Cheaney store in London

Jospeph Cheaney is a well known shoemaking brand founded in 1886 in Northampton. Last Autumn they opened their new flagship store on London famous Jermyn Street. It has been a home to shoe and shirt and menswear accessories for years (since 17th century) and is now of the London’s best places to buy high quality products for men clothing and shoes.

Jermyn Street is a place you would normally relate to old, small shops with wooden floors and carpets, antique furniture and low light interiors. You will see nothing like that in Cheaney’s store. Checkland Kindleysides has been appointed to design the interiors of the store which was divided into two main areas: factory inspired front room and boardroom-like back room with dark blue walls and a wall of lasts.

You will find everything from a mini factory model or pieces of leather to a display showing you all the parts that are being used to create a goodyear-welted shoe. In the second room you will have a chance to look at some of the Cheaney’s accessories as well as try the shoes on. I like the formality of this room which is achieved by deep blue walls and two portraits hanging from above the chairs. The only place I haven’t been to is the downstairs room.. I am sure you want to pay them a visit and find out yourself.

The shop is located on Jermyn St, for those of you not from London (visitors or tourists) here is a handy map:

Finally, have a look at all the photos of this exciting store below (photography courtesy of Joseph Cheaney):

cheaney shoes1 017 Joseph Cheaney - Shoe Display and Joseph Cheaney Portrait 019 Joseph Cheaney - Rear or Store with Portraits and Curated Displays cheaney shoes2 030 Joseph Cheaney - Shoe Last Display front of Store

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