Top 10 tie makers

Top 10 tie makers

First post from this series that I posted was on Top 10 pocket squares (you can find it here). Today is high time to finally post one on tie makers.

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I am a big fan of ties myself. I wear them often than not and always say that you can never have too many good ties. Every season brands come up with beautiful designs that make me buy another few ties. I like them to be light, ideally un-tipped. I wear them tight against my collar so they have to lightweight, otherwise I feel like I have too much around my neck. It is understood that heavier fabrics will be thicker and it is not as comfortable under the collar wings, for me at least. Having all those aspects in mind I selected top 10 tie brands that I wear and find very good. The order is not important. Whichever tie you buy it will be a great decision.

Let’s get to it then.


It is not a very good selection of tie brands if you do not have Drake’s in it. Renowned for its ties, now specialists in all kind of accessories and even clothing. Ties are made by hand in London in their Haberdasher St factory. Clearly one of the leaders of tie making. Very wide selection of fabrics, only the best available, different construction and finish. Designers have a very good taste, I have never seen them offering ties that were over the top. Huge archives allow Drake’s to offer unique and exclusive designs. They cooperate with mills to create new prints and designs. Definitely one of my favourite tie makers. Hint: There is a good chance to buy their ties for a very good price during annual factory shop sale.
Cons: prices starts at £125

drakes tie

Drake’s red diamond hand-rolled printed silk tie (photo:


This brand has been founded in 2009 only but established themselves as a fantastic place for anyone looking for beautiful designs, classic and very stylish yet in reasonable prices. It is my last year discovery. Berg&Berg started offering ties in designs that are very much to my liking. Many silk prints, madder silks, untipped ties and summer and winter seasonal ties. They also offer other accessories which I think are worth checking out. Scandinavian brand, ties are made in Naples or Como in Italy from Italian fabrics. Extremely good value for money/design
Cons: only 3 or 4 fold construction

berg tie

Beg&Berg madder silk tie with hand-rolled edges (photo:

berg tie

Madder silk tie by Berg&Berg (photo:

Viola Milano

Viola Milano I believe started off with mens bracelets and then moved into ties. They are a very strong player in the market now. Beautiful web design, big and nice photos, very consistent marketing and design together with very well made ties and carefully chosen partners allowed them to be a premium product. Most of you will recognise those Instagram photos if I showed them to you. Reblogged thousand of times on pinterest and Instagram, now are a source of content for lousy bloggers. Their designs are only getting better and better and the last cooperation with B&Tailor (one of my favourite tailors) just made it for me. They are clearly in top 10. Amazing selection can be viewed here. (btw. they inspired me to buy white tie). Highly recommend their Insta profile.
Cons: price

viola milano ties

Floral print self-tipped Viola Milano tie (photo:

Vanda Fine Clothing

I have know this brand founded in Singapore for a few years. Vanda Fine Clothing ties are simply lovely. Made by hand in their workshop by Diana and Gerald, the owners. They put a great care into those products. All ties are made with minimum detailing. For example there is no keeper, the tacks are put much higher, about 6” up from the wide tip so that you can check out the folds. They favour 6 fold construction and 4 fold for bulkier fabrics. Those come from England or Italy, only from renowned mills. They also offer some interesting traditionally woven silks from Japan. One of the most amazing ties I have seen recently, this Japanese cotton seersucker navy tie.

Vanda Fine Clothing tie

Vanda Fine Clothing tie (photo:

Vanda Fine Clothing tie

Vanda Fine Clothing tie (photo:


Patrizio Cappelli‘s store in Naples is rather a workshop where you can browse thousands of silks and have it made into a special tie of your specification. It is almost like an made-to-order operation. Their archives and fabrics are one of the most amazing I have seen. Exactly to my liking, vibrant colours, interesting patterns, different types of materials, proper width and exactly right interlining to give it perfect shape. Ties are not flat pressed, they feel 3 dimensional and very firm. What is also amazing is that there is an outlet section on their website where you can buy ties on sale, have no idea why someone would not pick his order from Cappelli. If there is particular colour or design and is currently not available simply email Patrizio and he will be more than happy to help. Ties are wonderful and even more affordable than Drake’s or Marinella!
Cons: I did not like the hand finish of the untipped tie, maybe it is me being picky

cappelli tie

Cappelli tie in beautiful green/brown silk

cappelli ties

Two of Cappelli ties I purchased for myself

H.N. White

Recent star of our first ever give-away Instagram contest – H.N. White. My friend Harry founded the brand not long ago and focused on providing great quality hand-made ties from English silks in affordable price. He started with a small collection but is adding new design almost every weeks. All silks are from Macclesfield – Adamley, so only top quality. Recently, he started offering beautiful madder silks and printed ones. There is more to come in the upcoming weeks. It is also great that a young gentleman like Harry White is driven by his passion to offer the best products he possibly can while running the brand only by himself. Great job sir! Big thanks for cooperating on our contest. Winner announcement here.
cons: very small collection

hnwhite tie

H.N. White silk ties (photo:

hnwhite tie

Madder silk tie by H.N. White with hand-rolled edges (photo:


Polish brand that was a pioneer of menswear accessories brands in Poland. Back in the days, whenever you wanted a proper tie or pocket square, there was only one place – Poszetka. Now they offer a wide range of materials like shantung, printed silk, wool and start to expand to other countries. Opened fantastic shop in Katowice and even started offering mtm vests, bow ties, bags, hats and much more. I have lots of their ties and squares and am very happy with them. I wouldn’t say they are better quality-wise but definitely the best value for money. If you are tight on budget then Poszetka is your brand. Ties start at about 50euros. Made by hand in Poland.
cons: inconsistent at times with a chosen lining, getting better with experience

poszetka tie

Shantung hand-rolled tie by Poszetka (photo:

poszetka tie

Printed silk by Poszetka (photo:


Shibumi is a German accessories brand run by my great friends Benedikt and Niels (I cannot wait to see them again during Pitti next month! Hope they feel the same way haha). As stylish as both of them are with the bespoke suits and quality footwear their products complement them perfectly. Many very classic designs yet in interesting fabrics, woven grenadines being my favourite. I have got the navy in white dots version which is one of most versatile ties I own. Also love their zig-zag knitted ties. Very good value for money.
Cons: limited number of different designs in collections

shibumi ties

Printed 7 fold ties by Shibumi (photo:

Shibumi ties

Woven ties by Shibumi (photo:


Bigi is a wonderful brand. Founded in 1938 under the name of Pulcher by Luigi Bigi in Milan. Renamed to West Point in the 1970’s by father of current owners – Stefano and Paola – who started using the name Bigi Cravatte when they took over. Bigi’s workshop has always been in the hands of Bigi family. Stefano and Paola design the fabrics themselves and have them woven by some of the best mills in Italy. I met Stefano during our last trip to Pitti and find him to be one of the most kind and generous man in the industry. We talked about tie makers, silks and retails and at the end of the day he calked my mobile only to say thank you for my visit and recommending him to one of my friend’s who is a retailer. First time I tried their ties was when my other friend got their 7 fold unlined grenadine – most versatile and most beautiful tie. One and only – if you would only have one in your closet. They are also makers for some of the biggest menswear brands. Highly recommended. Can be found in No Man Walks Alone in US and Trunk Clothiers in London, UK.

bigi tie

Bigi silk tie (photo: Trunk Clothiers)

bigi tie

(photo: Trunk Clothiers)


Don Marinella opened his first store at Piazza Vittoria in Naples in 1914. He probably was the precursor of modern menswear stores where owners serve coffee and want the clients to hang out rather than just buy and leave. He imported door frames from England and made the store as comfortable and elegant as possible. Main clientele consisted of aristocracy and foreigners. Marinella style, not surprisingly, is rather business. Classic colours with thousands of different printed patterns, mostly printed in Macclesfield. 7 folds and even 9 folds are not uncommon. Prince Emanuele Filiberto or Italy’s President Francesco Cossiga were amongst Marinella’s clients. Available in Naples, numerous boutiques around the world, one in London and quite recently online at Zaremba online store.
Cons: mostly conservative designs (if you are after something more extravagant)

marinella tie

Marinella classic pattern ties (photo:

marinella tie

Marinella ties and box (photo:


Hope you find this selection useful. I am sure there are other makers that I haven’t tried yet but those presented here are my favourite currently. I recommend them all. If you know some other good brands making quality ties then please leave a comment below.

Until next time. As always, thanks for reading!

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