Stoffa trousers MTM and Luxire polo shirt

It seems like I have been showing you only different options for polo shirts recently. In the previous post I shared my experience with the John Smedley polo shirt, knitted in an extra fine merino wool. Today however I want to do a post on: new green long sleeve polo by Luxire in pique cotton and Stoffa trousers that I ordered as MTM.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I paid a full retail price for both products.

Stoffa trousers MTM

It’s funny how this outfit is almost a reverse of this with Stoffa suede jacket (green suede jacket and grey polo/trousers), and almost a copy of this with Smedley polo (as a grey trousers and field jacket look). I think it only means that my style is quite established now. It also shows that green and grey are still very underestimated when paired together while they look damn good.

After my successful field jacket order from Stoffa I really wanted to test their MTM trousers option. Priced at $275 in a very nice fabrics, both in terms of style and colours, they really seem like a good deal. I pulled the trigger and placed an order for a water resistant grey cotton pair of chinos.

For some reason I was out of nice pairs of casual trousers that I could wear mostly during weekends. The water resistant cotton was also intriguing. Agyesh assured me that even with the treatment they breathe rather well and I would not feel like I was wearing a plastic bag over my legs.

The cotton is very nice and lightweight. I would say it is a good weight for casual trousers. They are far from being called heavy. To be honest they crease a little bit (as seen on the photos) and would mostly work with casual wear like field jackets, jumpers, sweaters cardigans and polos rather than smart jackets. However sport coats suit them well too. It would depend on the exact fabric of course.

stoffa trousers

My idea for this commission was to have a pair of trousers made in classic colour serving almost the same purpose as grey flannel. They should be wearable every day, just like their flannel cousin.

Water resistance proved to be very useful and versatile during my recent trip to Amsterdam, as well as during daily showers here in Copenhagen. It really is very handy to have water resistant trousers and not have to worry about the rain. I would recommend you to try this feature. In the end the umbrella only covers the top part of your body, not legs.

In terms of style we opted for the following characteristics:

  • relatively wide leg with tapering to the bottom (18cm)
  • comfortable high rise but not extreme
  • side adjusters
  • single pleats
  • cuffs
  • zip fly
  • slanted pockets
  • back pocket
stoffa trousers

The cut is very comfortable. It is based on Stoffa trousers model in classic size. I had then adjustments applied by Agyesh according to my needs and preferences as well as his recommendations. Agyesh understands well what he can offer but always tries to adjust to what you are expecting.

The legs were taken in a bit on the inside to correct the barrel shape of my figure. We also tapered them from the knee down to the cuff with the opening at 18cm. Cuffs are 4.5cm. Naturally the waist and hips are measured too and the length agreed based on what you would prefer to wear it with most often. The implications of a little shorter length were explained too in relation to loafers. They would show a bit more ankle/sock then.

What I also like is that the front slanted pockets are relatively deep therefore my phone sits there very comfortably. It can get very annoying when you cant fully place your belongings there.

stoffa trousers

Details and finishing is very good yet simple. There is no hand work whatsoever. This is just well made factory/machine finished pair of trousers. There are no fancy features here. Just a good cut, fit and interesting and useful cloth.

If I were to adjust anything in next orders it would have to only be a tiny more room in the crotch. I am very happy with the rise but seem to need just a bit more space in the bottom. I might add up to 0.5in in the waist and also ask Agyesh to have a look at the way the cuff is behaving. I am not the biggest fan of the small kink on the front, just above the cuff.

Overall this order is another successful one from Stoffa. This time my Stoffa trousers made as Made-to-measure proved to be a very well spent money and a pair I wear often. I think for first MTM order and considering my not so perfect body it is really great result.

Luxire green polo shirt

luxire polo shirt

Polo is a copy of my other shirt that I ordered over 2 years ago. No alterations were needed since then and I simply picked this wonderful soft Green Pique cotton for the next order.

BTW if anyone would be interested in ordering similar/the same (I do receive those questions all the time) then please refer to order number #250066. It costs $70. 

The Luxire polo has button-down collar with lined neckband in order to sit well under jackets collar. Also on its own it does not collapse. I am very happy with the way it wears. Also the points and roll is not exaggerated but subtle. Nice thick MOF buttons both on the collar and placket.

I have to say the fit is excellent and I love it. It is one of those items made by Luxire that represents outstanding value for money. I was able to modify and “create” a model of the MTM shirt myself, ask them to make it in the fabric of my choice and then have it delivered from India in 2 days for £55?! You won’t find a better deal anywhere in the market.

It is well made (machine finished) and unlike the dress shirts or trousers I never had problems with loosing buttons.

The Luxire polo shirt has rounded cuffs with 1 button, shirt-like sleeve placket and 3 buttons on the front. It is long so should only be worn tucked in. However you can obviously request to have it made shorter.

I have already washed it couple of times and the fabric maintains its softness. That was the same experience that I had with grey pique cotton.

The second polo shirt in the same order was made from White Soft Pique. The fabric is horrible though! It is rough and itchy and whoever calls it soft should just do the naming again (ironically it was $90, so much more than the green!). Ideally Luxire would just stop offering it because I cant believe anyone would want to wear it. Its quite bad. It was a shirt that I might as well return. So this is a lesson: ideally only order fabrics that you have swatches of and that you touched. Otherwise you might end up being very disappointed like me.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! If you have any more questions about the Stoffa trousers or Luxire polo shirt then please do not hesitate to comment or send me an email.

Thank for reading! See more photos below.

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