Rampley and Co tailoring videos and competition

Rampley and Co tailoring videos and competition

Rampley and Co, a pocket square brand, teamed up with Savile Row tailors Cad&The Dandy to produce a series of tailoring videos. These are short, no longer than 2min videos, where James (one of the founders of Cad & The Dandy) talks about things like the proper fit of a jacket, length of the sleeves or different types of lapel and vents. Great idea and very nice execution of such a short videos which will definitely allow you to see all most important aspects of tailored garments.

There are 8 parts of the series so far, with more to come. You can see all of them below, they are also available on Rampley and Co website here.

What I like most about them is that they are short, therefore very easily accessible for anyone, whether interested in menswear and tailoring or not really. They cover all the basic and most important aspects which can be applied to your garments even if it is not tailored. Proper length of the sleeve being the easiest to adjust for example.

On top of all the videos there is a competition held by both Rampley and Co and Cad and The Dandy where you can win a fully bespoke Savile Row suit and 5 silk pocket squares. The link to the competition is here. All you need to do is to answer a question “What makes a gentleman?” or watch the first of the videos. I’ve already submitted my entry – prizes are great!logoRampley and Co is famous for producing beautiful silk pocket squares in England through unique designs. In order to provide those unique designs they work together with world famous galleries, museums and art institutions. There is for example a National Gallery in London collection, where three painting has been chosen as a design. What is interesting is that the paintings has to be carefully chosen to work as a square and the colours have to work well when worn in the breast pocket. Rampley and Co design the borders of the squares to match the painting in style which utilise details seen on the square, for example an arch or piece of clothing. As an example have a look at the The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius – painting by Carlo Crivelli which borders utilise the design found on the columns.

Rampley and Co

I already own the pocket square shown above and what strikes me most apart from the designs is the absolutely outstanding print quality. You can literally see all the smallest details. Silk quality is top-notch, comes from Macclesfield in England. Pocket square is 42cm x 42cm. More on Rampley and Co and their pocket square in one of the next posts.

Hope you not only liked the videos but also learned something useful.

James Sleater (starring in the videos) and Cad and The Dandy can be found on Savile Row 13 in London UK.

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