ORIENT watch – Moving Moments Campaign

ORIENT watch – Moving Moments Campaign

This post is a part of ORIENT Watches European campaign called #MovingMoments. I have been approached by the brand not too long ago and invited to participate in their latest campaign scheduled for Christmas period of 2018. Many of you know that I am a fan of classic, timeless pieces and after reviewing brands offer I convinced myself that ORIENT brand ticks (you see the irony here) all the boxes for me. Please see the first ever watch post below. I am very excited to tell you more about this ORIENT watch and show all the photos we took.

Disclaimer: This is an Advertisement feature* by Orient Watches.

ORIENT watch

ORIENT watch (Classic Bambino) during my full day in London.

I would not be myself if I did not show you a classic watch. In fact, I was really impressed that the model I have chosen – ORIENT Classic Bambino Small Seconds in yellow gold colour – reminds me of my own vintage Omega Geneve so much yet at much more affordable price. I was intrigued to try ORIENT watch and see how it compares and whether it could be a better-value alternative to the vintage watch.

The brand

I will give you a little background of ORIENT first. Brand has been founded in 1950 in Japan and it focuses on their in-house manufacture and design of movements, not Swiss! Japan’s reputation for diligence and craftsmanship is well known world-wide and there is no reason to believe it is any different in case of their own watches. They produce mostly mechanical watches but also a group of quartz pieces both for men and women. It is most popular in Asia, Middle East, North America and now becoming more well known in Europe. ORIENT watch

ORIENT Classic Bambino

Bambino is one of the watches from the classic collection by ORIENT, designed to look very classy and almost vintage-like. As you can see below it has Arabic numbers at 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours and small seconds (hence the name) dial just above 6, instead of long hand. There is also a date shown, quite important for me as it turns out! The watch sits on a dark brown leather strap. It size of the case measures a healthy 40.5mm which is considered rather small nowadays. I was particularly interested in the classic range of ORIENT watches however only the Bambino collection has watches with cases closer to 40mm. Anything around and below 40mm is super classic and definitely my favourite size.

Orient bambinoHour marking plates have a very interesting design (rather than the dull rectangular) and are in gold to match the case. Slim and a little pointy – very classic!

The strap is quite firm but not stiff to the point that I have problems wearing it. It has softened significantly since I received it. Watch has about 40hrs reserve so it is enough even when I wear it every other day swapping it with another watch. However because it is automatic, it will obviously start going again the moment you put it on your wrist. Crown is easy to use when winding because of its size, however personally I wish it was a little smaller. It has ORIENT watch logo on its head. During winding the watch would stop, in case you wanted to set the time as accurate as 1s. Nice little touch! Another nice feature I really like is the see through back of the open case so that you can see the movement.

Orient watch

Morning arrival in Westminster tube station on Jubilee line in London.

ORIENT Moving Moments

#ORIENTMovingMoments campaign is actually quite interesting. While ‘moment’ leaves little uncertainty over its meaning ‘moving’ does.

You all know that I live in London which in itself is by far the busiest city in UK and one of the busiest in the world. The campaign allowed me to show you how amazing the city is and invite you to spend a day with me. I’d also like to share some thoughts with you later about the importance of time for me. Or rather realisation of it.. as simple as it sounds.

ORIENT classic bambino

Simple, black Americano coffee, no sugar, no milk.

While I try to limit the number of coffees I drink every day I don’t believe this number will ever go down to zero. Every weekend black coffee (no milk, no sugar) is how I start the day. Together with my friend we have discovered this newly refurbished cafe in the quietest street in the whole Soho (google map location here). You will need to find the tiny Farrier’s Passage first.

Autumn and Winter is not the coldest of all in London (South East of UK) so wearing a heavy flannel suit with merino wool turtle neck and a light scarf is more than enough. You wouldn’t want to wear an Arctic parka on the tube. Overheating guaranteed!

Orient watch

Heavy flannel bespoke suit by BnTailor, merino wool turtleneck and light scarf by Poszetka.

Strolling through the city on a November day can be enjoyable but I recommend getting there early in the morning. You get to experience something quite different from the rush hour crowds. November is also a high time for any Christmas shopping so browsing through the offers is a great idea. You don’t want to leave it for the last day before 25th December do you? We all know how it usually ends though.. I went through few shops in St James’ area – Jermyn St, John Lobb bespoke workshop on St James’ Street.

ORIENT watch

Early morning stroll through the city.

Follow this with one of London’s most popular Arcades and you will the best out of London’s pre-Christmas atmosphere. Royal Arcade is particularly beautiful, located just of New Bond St, is not as popular as other shopping arcades but features beautiful watch stores as well as another bespoke shoe maker – Cleverley. You would be surprised how few shoemakers are left nowadays in London. Any guesses?

royal arcade london

Royal Arcade in London.

I started appreciating those Moving Moments more in the recent years only, I have to admit. Time is passing so fast, it feels faster than ever to me. Some investors say its your greatest friend (Warren Buffet). However it only is true if you get together and start early. Whether it is investing or simply doing! Each passing moment, each day and hour is an opportunity, or so I’d like to think so.

It’s funny because during our recent pension scheme meeting at work I was in a group of “older employees” because I am over 30! I am not going to lie it made me feel good.

ORIENT watch

Window shopping before Christmas!

Another time this week was when a younger colleague of mine said that she was going to turn 22 next month. Wow! She was born in 1996! It was already 2 years after I had been crying at World Cup 1994 Final when Italy lost in penalties to Brazil. It really amazes me that I work with people born not so long ago. I even did think to myself, ‘oh I wish I was 22 today, so much more compound interest available!’ Jokes aside..

This is something I am definitely going to be teaching my child: start early. Then wait and don’t take anything for granted.

dark brown suede shoes

Dark brown split toe derby shoes in suede with cream contrast stitching for more casual appearance.

In the end of this post I would like to wish everyone of you many Moving Moments to come. Hope they are both significant, meaningful and equally cheerful.

It was a great pleasure to be able to show you ORIENT classic watch. Please let me know if you are interested in watch content. I feel like it was a great opportunity to connect a product that perfectly matches my idea of style in a watch with audience that appreciates quality over quantity.

Orient watch

My daily carrier – Filson 24h briefcase.

What I am wearing:
Suit: bespoke by B&Tailor in Fox Brothers heavy flannel
Shoes: mystery bespoke split toe derby in dark brown suede
Turtleneck: Uniqlo in merino wool
Scarf: lightweight Poszetka scarf (gift)
Bag: Filson 24h briefcase

*Advertorial feature or Ad means (under ASA rules) that the brand had no control over, nor saw the content before publishing but required to use specific hashtag or time of publication. It also means there was a type of monetary payment to create the content. All opinions are mine only. You can read more about the Advertising Standards Agency guide here.

Photography: Bart Pajak

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ORIENT watch

Westminster tube station in London.

ORIENT watch