Holdall and Co organizers

Holdall and Co organizers

Holdall and Co are designers of leather accessories made in England by hand. The brand has been founded in 2012 by Raimonda Navickaite and launched its first ever product – leather portfolio. Since then they have introduced many new products including bags, briefcases, wallets and small organizers.

Disclaimer: I received the organizers as a gift

One of which is my small leather headphone wrap. Yes, I wouldn’t thought about it either. I am sure many of you though find themselves in this situation on the way to work in the morning: looking for your headphones in a bag or pocket only to find out they are completely tangled. Here comes Holdall and Co organizer. It was cut by hand from a high quality full grain bridle leather. There are two notches on the opposite sites for easy wrap. The face of the organizer can also be monogrammed for the extra personalization. holdall and co

I really do find this headphone wrap very useful. My headphones are always either in my jacket’s right pocket or in the outside compartment of my bag. It’s particularly annoying when they become tangled in my pocket and stuff it. I like the flat and neat look so thin organizer is really handy. It sits in the pocket, I could even put it to my back pocket in the trousers. The other aspect I enjoy is having those little things made by craftsman in high quality and durable materials. It’s like your glasses case or pen cases that you remember your grandparents used to have. They were old and beaten up but also very classy and with a lot of character. Bridle leather is going to age beautifully and maybe one day you would pass them on to your children?holdall and co

Unfortunately I haven’t found the cable ties very useful. It might be that I am not very organized or maybe I that I have my cables organized regardless ;). They are definitely very stylish and look lovely. Personally I felt like there was too much hustle with putting them it. They were handy when travelling. Otherwise I would have to use those plastic ties that come with every electronic we buy.

It is worth mentioning that the organizers came in a lovely box, wrapped in paper with a personal sticker.

For more information and to browse other products head over to Holdall and Co website: http://www.holdallandco.com/holdall and coholdall and co

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