Zaremba black tie event and dinner

Zaremba black tie event and dinner

Black tie events are getting only more popular. In the recent months I saw Andreas Weinas birthday party to have black tie dress code, Merchant Taylors’ Hall in The City of London hosts annual The Bespoke Tailors Benevolent Association dinner which is black tie too. 

That’s very traditional event, classic you might say, whose main goal is the appreciation of the craft.  More and more these days yet we can see that men and women like to celebrate different occasions with formal wear. 

It was the case few weeks ago when I was invited to attend a black tie event hosted by Zaremba Bespoke tailoring house and Citi bank in Warsaw, Poland. The venue was wonderful – old and very elegant Bristol Hotel, located in the old town of Warsaw. The hotel with its neo-renaissance facade is just minutes away from the Presidential Palace and the Royal Castle. 

hotel bristol

Hotel Bristol in Warsaw

The black tie event, hosted by TV presenter Maciej Prokop, was an opportunity to discuss the dress code and present Zaremba’s unique morning coat and tuxedo made in the workshop years ago by Zaremba’s ancestors. There was a short presentation on James Bond’s tuxedos and comparison of different style details used in certain movies. Guest could enjoy whiskey, try latest technology gadgets from Samsung and see latest models of Bentley cars! 

Italian blogger and owner of The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear brand – Fabio Attanasio – was one of the guests, whose first visit to Poland occured during one of the coldest days that the city has experienced in years, with temperatures dropping to -15 C in the night. We enjoyed the evening regardless and moved to polish restaurant next to Zaremba’s workshop for the annual clients dinner.

Marcin Prokop, presenter and Maciej Zaremba discussing black tie dress code.

It was actually the most enjoyable part of the night. Everyone was wearing a tuxedo, yet each of us in slightly different way. Whether it was a flower in the buttoniere, double breasted jacket or velvet jacket, we all enjoyed the celebration not only with drinks and toasts but also clothing. Maciej Zaremba was clearly very happy as clients from around the world decided to come for the night. There were guests from New York, Stockholm, London, Milan and of course local friends from Warsaw. It was a night of good conversation with people who are equally passionate about the craft as they are about friendship. To many more years of Zaremba Bespoke tailoring house!

As a last note I would like to bring Maciej’s evening attire to your attention. His double breasted black tuxedo with shawl collar/lapel and cocktail cuffs was outstanding! I imagine no two shawl lapels are the same. His shape though was really flattering and perfectly fitted around the neck. Both him and Fabio, who chose to wear deep green velvet jacket, wore the very classic opera pumps too. The other person whose outfit I consider flawless was Joseph, Zaremba’s client from New York, who ticked all the boxes with his carefully put together look including rakish flower in the buttoniere, black studs instead of the shirt buttons and thin, black socks. Everything was spot on and yet it all looked effortless and natural. It really reminded the good old days which one can only see on photographs now. 

Big thanks to Maciej Zaremba for invitation and an unforgettable evening.

Please see the photos from the event and the dinner.

Photography courtesy of Michal Zagórny.black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tieblack tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie black tie

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