Turnbull and Asser at LC:M

Turnbull and Asser at London Collections: Men 2015

In the middle of my Pitti 87 series I would like to share a London Collections: Men post with you so that we are not overwhelmed by Italian tailoring ;).

Turnbull and Asser was the only collection I have seen during this year’s London Collections. If I wanted to describe it in one word I would say ‘extravagant’ or ‘eccentric’. Both in terms of patterns and colours the collection is very interesting and eye-catching. Being a renewed shirtmaker didn’t stop the brand from presenting a variety of garments. There were shirts and ties, obviously, but also smoking jackets, blazers, overcoats and other accessories. Overcoats were made of fabrics with big checks in vibrant colours, featured interesting details like shawn collar on an overcoat or a interesting pattern matching in POW check.

I would also like to recommend you the double breasted corduroy blazer in rich orange colour which I simply love. Wouldn’t think that a corduroy blazer can look as modern as this one. Normally when I think of corduroy sport coats I see an older man, maybe professor or lecturer, in single breasted brown jacket. This one though can easily be worn by younger man who is very confident about his style. Not everyone can pull it off but once you do..

As a small side note I would like to show you a special capsule collection developed by the head designer Dean Gomilsek-Cole in order to commemorate 50 years since Winston Churchill death. He was their regular customer for shirts, bow ties and handkerchiefs (famous size 46), even long before his political career hit off. Follow this link to see all the special pieces. Interesting idea – you are now able to wear an elegant gown while rising a glass to one of the greatest of Englishmen.

Please see the collection below or go to Turnbull and Asser website.

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