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Hi guys!

Today I only wanted to let you know that I created a new section on the Blue Loafers blog. It is called Trunk Shows and should act as a place online where you can check the upcoming Trunk Shows, mostly in London (as I live here) but also around the world. I have very often found myself wondering when is the next time Dalcuore or Luca Avitabile coming to London. I wanted to arrange a weekend trip and not to miss the fitting but had to either email the tailor first or go to each website and check Events for dates. Now, I will do all this work for you so that you can click the menu button above which will take you to Trunk Shows page. There you will find initially 2 sections: London and World. For all of us in London simply click one of the garment types: shirt, suit or shoes and you will see upcoming Bespoke events for those makers. I think it is quite useful. Do you think it is? Would you split it into other categories? Or maybe would prefer to have everything in one section, maybe include photos over each of the tailors? Let me know what you think, it is for you at the end!

If the tailors, shoemakers or other craftsman want to advertise their event or Trunk Show then please contact me at the following email and I will be more than happy to include your event in this section:

Again, thanks for reading.trunk shows blog2