London Collections: Men – Paul Costelloe

Just a few words about one of the collections I was able to see last night. My friend invited me to Paul Costelloe stand where he was presenting the collection to press and buyers. Before that in order to familiarize myself with the brand I surfed the internet and browse their online store. To be completely honest with you I was not amazed by the clothes they presented. Most of the collection online is just a basic grey or navy staff. What is wrong with that you might ask? The clothes just didn’t fit the models. I saw to big jackets and much too long trousers (see the first photo – link), moreover not so much quality shoes. They could easily make it better.paul costelloe trousers


There comes the London Collections: Men event and Paul Costelloe’s stand. I thought to myself that I would not expect too much and see how the new collection looks like. I can only say good things here. Really, I mean really beautifull fabrics! Paul decided to do both Italian and British styled ranges of clothes and boy that was a great idea. They used one of the best quality tweed and wools – i.e. Johnstons of Elgin and from renowned Italian mills like Reda.
The jackets in British line are more heavy, have bigger shoulder pads and use fabrics of bigger weight. You can also find nicely detailed corduroy trousers in about 9oz fabric. They are very soft, have split yoke in the back of the waistband, cuffs and nice colourful lining. The Italian garment is very light, jackets are unlined with soft shoulder pads.
Actually due to the fact that my lens is not wide enough for the room I only could get a nice photos of the details and fabrics. Lucky me both of these were brilliant. I couldnt try any of the garments as they do not have 35 size..yes, 35.. I am sure though that the next winter will be very stylish one for you if you decide to own one of their jackets or overcoat. Oh – overcoat. One of the best item in the whole collection is the grey wool herringbone double breasted overcoat which looked so classy, elegant and casual in some way (due to herringbone fabric). It is a overcoat for years. No doubt about it. 

So, I am quite suprised and pleased because from what I saw yesterday I can tell they really make nice menswear. The collections is being manufactured in China using English and Italian fabrics.
Enjoy the photos of fabrics and details and my friend Matthew (Editor of the website)who invited me to the event. I can only tell now that you will see him on my website in the near future – very stylish gentleman! IMG_6446 IMG_6451 IMG_6456 IMG_6461 IMG_6462 IMG_6465 IMG_6466 IMG_6469 IMG_6473 IMG_6497 IMG_6507 IMG_6508