R. Culturi accessories

R Culturi accessories

R. Culturi accessories

Today I would like to present you a brand that I discovered few months ago. R. Culturi (translated to Hand of Culture) is a menswear accessories brand that offers mens pocket squares and women scarves based on works of art created exclusively for R. Culturi accessories collections.R Culturi accessories

In the world of internet one can find and buy products from the other side of the world easier than ever. Menswear accessories from Italy became standard and ‘Made in Italy’ is not enough to attract customers. The most important aspect is a good and unique design that no other brand can offer. This is exactly what R. Culturi accessories offer. Exclusive designs created by artists from around the globe.

R Culturi pocket squares have hand rolled and machine stitched edges. The corners of the roll are hand finished. Stitching is more regular but some might argue that it lacks the nice extra touch of hand work. I don’t think hand work matters as much in pocket squares as it does on jackets and suits but for some it will be a disadvantage.

R Culturi accessories

Factory in Como where R Culturi pocket squares are printed

All pocket square are produced in Italy in Como region from 100% silk twill and different types of silk and cotton mixes. They are either digitally printed or via the screen-printing method. All depends on the number of colours, type of fabric and details on the image. Working with local craftsmen ensures top quality of print who has many years of experience.

I find the silk twill square called the Knight’s Move to be of great quality, its is my favorite from the collection. The fabric is very soft, colours are vivid and together with its 36 cm x 36 cm size we get a beautiful accessory which sits firmly in the chest pocket. It has been designed by Roman Ismagilov, an artist based in New York and presents three-horse headed chess piece. R Culturi accessories20151025-DeoVeritas-102_MEAnother square from R Culturi accessories collection that I like is the one called Creation. It is made of a silk and cotton mix presenting “What is creation? A marvelous point in space and time, from which imagination, action, and the magic of life itself gush infinitely.” – as described by the artist Anna Simkin from Tel Aviv. You can read an extensive interview with Anna here. The fabric itself is a little bit stiffer and definitely more casual. I have however worn it with my blue suit and think that it works quite well in a business outfit as well. Particularly nice with simple look featuring navy tie. Creation pocket square would add just enough interest to the look and take it up a notch on a style ladder. R Culturi accessoriesI have work this pocket square quite recently and posted a photo on my Instagram:

Another 100% silk square from the collection that I like it the Conifer. Made of rich orange and purple colours will look fantastic in a winter outfit, possibly brown herringbone jacket or dark green cashmere. It has been designed by Alena Tkach, from Kharkiv. The art piece presents small pieces one can find in the forest: twigs of pine trees, cones, berries or feathers. For the artist it is like a breath of forest that you can carry with you. Identical design is also available in sea blue colour and is called Conifer II. R Culturi accessories

I think R Culturi accessories are a great new brand on the menswear market. They offer unique designs in a form of pocket squares and womens scarves, made in Como, Italy from 100% silk and silk mixes. R Culturi matches fashion and art by promoting artists from around the world. I am looking forward to new designs and collections as I have been told will include designs from artists Marocco, Portugal, Finland, Korea, Canada, Armenia and Philippines.

R Culturi accessories

From concept to production, R Culturi pocket squares designed by artists

R Culturi accessories are available via their website and shipped from US. Domestic shipping is free while the international is $15 per item.

R Culturi art-to-wear accessories: http://www.rculturi.com/

Disclaimer: R Culturi sent me four of their pocket squares for a review.