New brands & shops I discovered recently

New brands & shops I discovered recently

It is impossible to buy everything, even for the sake of reviewing things. Obviously I cannot afford to buy all the clothes I like nor I have enough room at home for them. Neither should you! However there are so many interesting and exciting shops and brands I discover regularly that I though of simply sharing them with you.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in showing them here. Those will not be sponsored posts either.

Let me start this (maybe series?) by introducing you to Swedish brand that I discovered and was impressed recently in regard to Black Friday deals when they not only did not offer any discounts but famously closed the sales on that day completely. Now that is a bold move (surely important from marketing point of view too) that I liked.


Asket is what they call themselves an “essentially different” clothing brand. They offer wardrobe essentials without all the fashion retailers mark-ups. Asket is very upfront about their pricing focusing on providing as much value in the product itself rather than in marketing and high street store. Their main selling channel is obviously online where they put a lot of effort on being transparent about their production and factories too.

asket cashmere jumper

Asket and their honest and transparent pricing.

What is also worth pointing out is that they offer their products in standard 5 sizes but also 3 length sizes (short, regular and long) as well! In this way you basically have 15 to choose from.

One of the garments they produce, especially relevant now with the winter approaching very fast, is the cashmere sweater. Below you can watch a lovely video shot in the factory where it is produced. Also they have merino-cashmere scarves for 50€, merino wool beanies for 35€. I will let you judge how competitive those prices are. Also I haven’t tested any of their products yet so can’t speak for myself. However I like how the brand is presented, run and especially how transparent they are in running the business. I wish them all the best.

Broadway & Sons shop

Broadway & Sons is a shop located in Gothenburg, Sweden offering vintage and military clothing. I must have found them through Instagram, as is the most common way nowadays.

They do have all sorts of field jackets, workwear shirts and very cool leather bomber jackets. Occasionally they would have some special garments like air-force jumpsuits etc.

broadway & sons

Selection of vintage & military clothing at Broadway & Sons shop

There is always a decent selection of Field jackets, which are very popular now. You might as well buy an original, vintage one, instead of spending double the price on newly produced one. If only you can fit into the old size (measurements are provided on the website) then I would encourage you to do so. They are usually way cooler and already have the classic patina/wash on the fabric.

Selection of field jackets at Broadway & Sons

The store also offers free worldwide shipping for orders over 200€. I also recommend you their Instragram profile where outfits and styling ideas are presented. Some of the gents who work there are super stylish and very inspiring as well. Check them out!

N. Peal

Suprisingly, I have always thought they were Italian, N. Peal (after the founders name – Nat) is a British brand founded in 1936 which specializes in cashmere products only. The first store, now the flagship one, has been located in the famous Burlington Arcade in London in central Mayfair.

I was recently looking at cashmere accessories on the market and decided to visit their flagship store. It has hundreds of products in multiple colours and sizes and all are only cashmere! I was interested in cashmere scarves that are of decent (over 150cm) length and width and was shown this:

n. peal cashmere scarf

Large cashmere scarf by N. Peal (measures 180 x 37.5 cm)

It is a unisex large scarf in over 20 colours that does not cost a fortune (I think), being priced at RRP of £169. Again, if you limit your spend and only purchase the best then this 100% cashmere does sound like a decent price to me. Still it is significant for many people, yet I think that amongst others on the market this is very reasonable. In comparison for example Begg & Co (in the same size) costs £299!

Sozzi Calze

Probably most of you know Sozzi – the famous producer of socks and knitted ties (which are actually made using very similar method to socks!). Considered one of the best and very classic Italian ties in simple colours, as they should be! It is nothing new on the market obviously, many other brands offer them. However by putting their name on the tie the price goes up through the roof. I recently discovered that one of the menswear brands were offering them for almost 3 times the price compared to the Sozzi themselves!

sozzi knitted tie

Sozzi knitted ties

That is my finding. If you are thinking about getting yourself the best knitted tie, I know I will, then just buy them of the Sozzi webshop where they are offered for 48€ (one colour) or €58 (the striped version). That is a steal! You might need to buy few more items to justify the shipping cost (of 15€) but that is not a big deal I think. You are welcome!

Ralph Lauren store in London

A lot has been said about retail and brick and mortar stores in todays online focused market. However Ralph Lauren store on New Bond Street (rather than the flagship one on Regent Street) in London is a perfect example of buying experience that you don’t want to miss or end, even in the internet era we live in. Also their visual merchandise! Really worth a visit.

Ralph Lauren store in London (source:

I am not talking about the Polo Ralph Lauren obviously but the Double RL particularly or Purple Line (mostly famous for its evening wear). The styling and design of those garments is just insane! I absolutely loved the store and everything in it. Surely there would be vintage denim and cowboy looks that won’t entice everyone but jackets and outerwear in general was just outstanding.

Selection of outerwear in RRL line.

At Double RL floor you can find items like motorcycle jacket (shown above) or this amazing Ranch Coat with a shearling collar! Mind that not every RL store has the same collections. Most of the shops would only carry the cheapest line including polos and jumpers.

How cool is this Ranch Coat by Ralph Lauren?

Hopefully you find this post interesting. Save it so that you dont have to visit the website again for those interesting products and shops that I shared with you!
As always, thanks for reading!

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