Suitsupply summer collection – favourite items

suitsupply summer collection

Suitsupply summer collection 2015 – favourite items

I always wonder which season is better for menswear retailers and why. Is it winter with overcoats and gloves or summer with, actually, much less items to wear. Most men probably wear their suits all year long and do not own a separate set of summer suits made of tropical fabrics. Number of sunny days justifies it I guess. There are places however when temperatures go up very quickly it gets way too hot in heavy wool suits on the way to work.

What Suitsupply has to offer for the upcoming Spring/Summer 15 season? Let’s have a look. Collection is available for pre-order here.

suitsupply summer collection


Suitsupply summer collection 2015 is full of typical lightweight fabrics specifically designed to be worn in hot temperatures. Pure linen or wool-linen mix is a very popular option in this collection. This year there are plenty of pastel coloured suits which I think are the most interesting options. Obviously these are not formal enough to wear to the City of London office unless you work in relatively casual environment. But because office wear (apart from law or finance) constantly moves into more casual direction I think it is fair to say that most of you can go for linen suit in the summer. You will definitely appreciate the open weave of linen fabric, unlined jacket and quite short trousers which will allow for some under the cuff breeze. Apart from pure linen suits in pastel colours you will also find classic suits in lighter fabrics like super 130’s wools or mixes of wool, silk and linen. Please be aware that some of the suits even though made of lighter and more breathable fabric are still lined which significantly reduces its breath-ability.



suitsupply summer-suit4-tile Classic style suits in more breathable/lighter fabrics: mohair mix,wool/mohair and cotton linen mix

More classic options in Suitsupply summer collection 2015: MADISON BLUE PLAIN/WASHINGTON LIGHT GREY PLAIN/COPENHAGEN BLUE PLAIN

In my opinion though it would make much more sense to make those first two suits unlined as well. Suitsupply does not define the fabric for lining but most likely that is silk. Only the right hand side Copenhagen suit is unlined.


suitsupply summer-jacket1-tile

Jackets collection is a major player this year. Within first 3 seconds I spotted 2 jackets I desperately want to own. Both are made of fantastic fabrics: Light Brown Check Havana by Ferla in linen blend and brown/blue Gun Check Havana style in wool/silk/linen mix by E. Thomas. What is even better is that both are unlined – finally! To be honest, I think they will be sold out within first 2 weeks. Previously you could only get a nice gun check blazer if you went made-to-measure or bespoke way and not it is available for £259 (or 259 euro). There a couple of nice ones I also like, in example Washington Blue Plain made in pure linen by Angelico – very sharp cut, peak lapels, pockets with flaps. There are couple of more interesting options like Red Plain Havana or Hudson Yellow Plain but they might not be to everyone’s taste. I own Hudson style jacket though and I found it to be the nicest style of the whole Suitsupply collection. The yellow one would be nice to wear in the summer in Italy if anyone is planning to go..probably an inspiration from The Great Beauty.suitsupply summer-jacket4-tilethegreatbeauty6900x506


Waistcoats are not actually an accessory but I will include them here together with ties as I think you might call them a ‘jacket accessory’. If it does not make sense then let’s just assume that I wanted to come up with smart explanation ;).

I found waistcoats to be more and more popular and can become more popular that sport coats. They come very handy in the summer because of lack of sleeves and short length. Suitsupply styled them perfectly this season showing them with rolled sleeves and sock-less looks. They will also look very elegant when paired with plain jackets so there are countless options on how to pull them off. Its an interesting piece, especially for £89 (or 89 euro). Waistcoats are made of linens as well as wool/silk/linen mixes.suitsupply summer-waist1-tile

Suitsupply introduced almost entirely casual selection of ties for this summer season – thank you! The more casual our suits or jackets get the more casual ties we want to wear them with. Honestly, I think that pure woven silk ties will become minority and will let knits, grenadines and shantungs play the main part.

First significant group of ties represent those paisley printed ones. Popular design lately, you could spot them at Pitti in Sciamat collection.

The second group consists of ties in more geometrical design fabrics which I am a big fan of. They also have some knits but sadly not too many.suitsupply summer tie1-tilesuitsupply summer tie6-tile

I think that is all in my Suitsupply summer collection 2015 summary. All is left now is shopping!

All photos courtesy of Suitsupply.

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